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A brilliant writer and Artist.... truly a great pleasure to work with Kwun... extremely talented and endlessly creative.... It's a true joy to work on this music!!” - Mark Prentice, Grammy Winning Producer and Bassist, whose credits include Johnny Cash, Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen



Following on from the success of his first two singles, UK singer-songwriter and producer Kwun continues to demonstrate his rich artistic offering with the release of his third single, 'Happiness, Part 2' on June 16, a track off his forthcoming album ‘Ancient Ageless & True’.

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Happiness Part 2, was recorded alongside Jonas Petersen (Hans Zimmer) and Sam Wheat (Pharrell Williams & Amy Winehouse), in 432Hz tuning to resonate and harmonise with nature and the human body. A different language is sung in the verses by contrast to the English lyrics of the chorus. This unique language is Light Language, sometimes referred to as “the language of the soul”.




Kwun is a master at composing music in many genres. He always surprises me when he sends me a project to work on... and I am honored to be able to contribute to his vision.” - Daniel Sadownick, Percussionist and Beat Programmer for Taylor Swift, Norah Jones and The Roots


Introducing kwun

Kwun is a singer-songwriter and producer from the UK at the cutting edge of a movement of conscious artists leading the way into a New Paradigm.

His eclectic repertoire skilfully moves between themes of the personal and universal, weaving a rich tapestry of styles that include Rock, Americana, Funk and all the spaces in between. Kwun’s music is recorded in 432Hz tuning (not the standardised 440Hz), the frequency that resonates and harmonises with nature and the human body.

For his forthcoming debut album, Kwun has enlisted the help of some of the world’s best session musicians who’ve played alongside Erykah Badu, Mark Ronson and Taylor Swift.